Monday, October 21, 2013

Venice Behind Me

Back from 2 fab weeks in Venice with my painting students.  As if being a painter isn't already a lot of hard work, now I have to put on my geeky hat and try to figure out the best way to to download 10gb of photos from my camera.  For you non-nerds, that's about 2500 photos.  I already downloaded 867 from my new S4 phone today!  

Next task (after my nap today) is to narrow down my photo selections and choose my top 10 or 12 (!!! can you say "impossible"????)  so that I can start on some studio paintings!

Here are a few teaser photos...wish I could have posted daily to my blog but it was hit or miss with WIFI over there. You might want to sign up (in the right hand column of this blog) to receive my posts automatically via email. I'm looking forward to sharing my trip with you!

Side canals feel so "personal".

Several of my students are, when we saw this unrelated group appear under the bridge, that was pretty darned special for us all!  What a neat way to see Venice!

Peace and quiet...away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas.  Which side of Venice do YOU prefer?

Part of the Grand Canal, in all her glory!

I had so many fabulous pastries in Venice...this picture reminds me to step on the scale this morning and see what damage I've done.  Maybe all that walking actually negates the calories ingested!????

How many "laundry" paintings will I end up painting???  I can't tell you how many great shots I have!  Look at the shadows created on the right side of the building!

A Grand Canal gem.  The first few days were cloudy and artists, we can take these types of shots and convert them to sunny, happy paintings!  Or, not!

This is how I felt the whole time I walked around this magical city.  She happened to be dancing in front of a hotel on Lido, an island to the right of Venice.
Thanks for stopping by!  I'll post more pics and my thoughts about my 2 week Venice trip in the upcoming days.  Have you been to Venice?  Why not share your experiences with us too? I invite you to leave me a comment!

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