Monday, June 10, 2013

The Aftermath

Piccolo Spoleto (a 17-day art festival in Charleston, SC) is over.  Now I need a week to decompress.  But even THAT has to wait.  Today I must:

- empty the truck and carry every box into the house
- unload every box (wash the glass, wipe down the frames, restock the studio, wash the tent inside & out, reorganize the bins of supplies, wash the curtains and tablecloths that I use as pretty props on my pretend tables, add the non-perishable food and drinks back to the pantry...)
- fulfill my orders (ship out prepaid paintings to my new collectors, get pricing to those asking for commissions and have them sign the contract, start painting the commissions)
- add email addresses to my list if my visitors wanted to receive my future Newsletters
- reorder business cards since I am running low from handing them out, and so on.

I know there's more to do, but I'm making myself tired thinking about it.  There's also the fact that I had pushed back many "things to do" for later this week because of dealing with Spoleto.  So I'll have to pull out the calendar and hop on those as well.  

All in all, it was a very successful show for me and I should stop complaining!  After this week, I'll start thinking about Venice painting workshop is coming up in October and I still have a spot for you in it!  

Come with Helen K. Beacham and Kelly Medford to paint Venice this October...

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