Friday, June 14, 2013

Plein Air Trio!

This morning, I and Anne P (whom I've been mentoring weekly for about a year) headed for Shepard Park near my house.  As we were unpacking our gear, we heard this plaintive meowing coming from a side yard.  We had our legs and tripods caressed for the duration of our time in this kitty's neighborhood!

Miss Kitty...(she never DID tell us her name).

This side yard (with the hammock) captured my interest.  As I was sketching, the owner came out of the house, headed for her morning walk!

Close Up of the hammock - my focal point

My drawing's done and my first wash is taking a while to dry in this humid air.  Even the painting has that misty air feeling to it.

Here's Miss Kitty and Anne (looking through her viewfinder).

Thank you...we DID feel welcome!
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