Sunday, May 26, 2013

Outdoor Festival No-No

As I report this, I have no photo to show you...but close your eyes (only figuratively speaking...I DO want you to be able to read this!...) and picture this.  I'm sitting behind my booth at the festival with a quiet moment on my hands.  I'm wearing my brand spanking new red skirt and my all-time favorite artsy jacket that I've owned 20+ years.  Time to apply masking fluid to the next section of my painting (which I've been demonstrating on), when an ant bites the heck out of my ankle and causes me to lean forward for the kill and I spill half the bottle of masking fluid all down the front of my outfit (and over the small purse that's hanging around my neck).  And, it's only 11am with another 7 hours to go in the show.  Yes, this is the real-life drama of a gypsy artist!

So, you might ask...what's the "no-no" in the title of my post?  It's not what you might think!  It's "do NOT leave home without another outfit!".  Remember that crammed van I showed you?  What's another grocery bag with clean clothes going to hurt!??  I'm off to Day 3's adventures!  Only 14 more to go!

p.s. #1:  for those inquiring minds who want to know:  the weather is cooperating beautifully and adoptions for my paintings were sunny as well!

p.s. #2:  does anyone have a tippette for ME as to how to remove masking fluid from fabric!???  Will pay for advice!!!

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