Tuesday, May 21, 2013

17-day Outdoor Art Festival coming up!

I've been getting ready for Piccolo Spoleto (that's the "art arm" of SPOLETO's 17-day's of cultural events that take place throughout Charleston, SC) and it starts on Friday of this week.  

I find myself packing everything including the kitchen sink when I do shows this long...even though it's not out of town (which might warrant packing that way if you're gone for that long) and even though I could carry stuff back and forth as needed from my tent to my home each night (which I evidently really don't want to do).

Tomorrow we set up the tent along with other stuff that the rainy weather can't bother, and on Thursday we hang my paintings (the weather will actually be great starting Saturday...fingers still crossed).  Here's a pic of the back of the van loaded with things to be set up tomorrow.  Thursday's truckload will look just as crowded!  I look forward to visiting with some of you during the course of the show!  Do you see that stack of black chairs partway back?  Those are for you!

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