Saturday, September 8, 2012

Italy: Adventures in Painting

I don't know this painter personally (yet), but I've been keeping up with her through her blog about living and painting in Italy.  Kelly Medford has been on a "Paint 120 paintings in 120 days" project, and today's painting spoke to me.  Read this paragraph from her blog, and you'll see that she's also a writer that lets you picture what she's writing about (she does her research and then tells you about the area in vivid terms).  You can read more about this painting by clicking here:  KELLYMEDFORD.BLOGSPOT.COM

Kelly says:  "There are houses and gardens tucked under the arches of these aqueducts for miles. The people who live here mostly took refuge in these places during the 1930s when Mussolini was beautifying the center of Rome. Knocking down makeshift homes and neighborhoods that were cluttered along the Roman Forum and blocking a clear way to St. Peter's, thousands of people found themselves suddenly homeless. Seen as the only option, they moved out-of-town and built shelter in the arches of the aqueducts."

Oil painting by Kelly Medford.  Kelly says " The little arch at the end of the road represents for me the portal into this other world tucked away from the noise that is modern-day Rome."

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