Friday, August 10, 2012

Glitch Art

What is Glitch Art?  It's a by-product of our digital age.  Who hasn't been intrigued by those bendy, colorful "glitches" that appear on our television screen or other electronic devices that make up our world?

For some time now, digital artists have been utilizing glitch art in their creative projects, allowing the digital glitches to stand on their own.  And still other artists are incorporating aspects of it into their painted pieces (although when I tried to find examples of this to show you, I couldn't...??  I'll keep looking, but if you run across any, why not email me the link?).

PBS posted a wonderful, explanatory VIDEO about glitch art on YouTube which I found totally mesmerizing.  Jim Plaxco is one artist who creates Glitch Art, and then uses that same technology to take it a step further and create imaginary worlds (see 2nd image below).

"Pump It Up" (Sound Painting and Glitch Art) by Jim Plaxco  (

"The Flyers of Fomalhaut b" by Jim Plaxco (

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