Sunday, June 24, 2012

What Caught my Eye Today

I spent the morning at the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery today on East Bay Street.

As I walked around the gallery, looking at the paintings, I pulled out my camera (don't do this without asking permission), and I snapped pictures of some of the pieces that caught my eye. Here, in random order, are those that stood out.   I apologize in advance for my terrible photography.  Trust me, they were even more beautiful in person.
"Addelle" by Steve Jacobs - Addelle is a fellow artist at the gallery.  As soon as I saw this piece, I not only recognized Addelle, but I felt that Steve captured her quiet soul!

"Ladies in White" by Addelle Sanders (yes, the Addelle from Steve's painting above).
This is Addelle's beautiful fiber art.  

"Still Life with Onions" by Pam Schussel.  Again, my photo does not do this piece justice.  The onions were painted such that you could see THROUGH the transparent layers of the skins!

This is a photograph by Charles Measter (but I don't remember the title).  My apologies to the photographer.  BUT what a way to draw the viewer into his work!  So engaging.

"Afternoon Silence" by Faye Sullivan.  Faye is well known for her deft handing of the oil medium .  She might paint typical Lowcountry scenes, but she always adds her own twist.  Her choice of color intrigues.  Nice job, Faye!

"Sweeties" by Hampton R. Olfus, Jr.  I like the "unusual" subject, and I liked his work overall.  This one, of those that he was showing today, stood out for me.

Painting by Dwain Ray, although I didn't remember to capture the title.  I love the super energetic colors and movement.  This one made me smile!
For those of you new to the area (or just haven't heard before), here's some information for you:  If you're a painter, photographer, 3-D sculptor or fine jeweler, you should consider joining the Charleston Artist Guild.  Once you're a member, you'll be able to submit your work to a jury, who will determine eligibility to show your work in group exhibitions and eventually to hang your work at the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery.  You'll meet like-minded artists and you might make some new friends!  I was in your boots 6 years ago when I moved to the area and I've enjoyed the relationship immensely.