Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Painting (post #7)

It's a new day in the studio.  I removed the masking fluid from the top right side and am now deciding whether I want color in the sky.

: To help me decide this, I sometimes resort to using a product called GRAFIX DURA-LAR.  It's a clear acetate sheet that you can paint on.  I use it when I want to try out different colors...I paint on the sheet, and then I place the sheet over the area that needs color in the painting (the paint DOES bead up on the sheet, but it's still better than nothing).  You can later wash the paint off the sheet and reuse it.  I'm showing you some shots below, where I played with a few colors, turning the sheet this way and that until I had a gut feel as to which color I wanted to use.

Which way to go???!!!