Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Painting (post #3)

If you're just now starting to read my blog, thank you for visiting!  If I could suggest it, you might want to start reading 2 posts earlier, since I'm talking about my progress on this new painting I've begun.

Today, I looked at the painting with fresh eyes.   Here's what it looked like this morning after yesterday's session, along with the inspiration photo.

Inspiration for my new painting

Step 1:  Masking Fluid & First Wash applied.

Yes, I know the drawing doesn't look like the inspiration photo...that's because I sometimes like to change it up to improve it and give it my own composition.  This morning I added more masking fluid over the first glaze (be sure to apply it when the paper is dry) and I'm going to paint a 2nd layer of paint once the mask is dry.  (FYI:  everything that's in yellow is where there's masking fluid).  I even put some at the edge of the trees where it meets the sky.  I'm not sure yet how I will treat the sky.  I very often wait till the end to determine what to do with it, or whether to even leave it white, which I've done many, many times with great success.  The painting will guide me as always....

Here it is again with more color applied to the pampas grass on the left side.  Can you see it's starting to look like it has potential?

Step 1:  Color added to pampas grass area on left.  Layering of one object (clump of grasses) in front of another object creates depth and perspective.