Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Entering Contests

Every now and then (and not often enough), I slow down and take the time to enter contests.  I'm too used to taking my work to my galleries and showing them for sale.  Lately, I'm trying to make myself do some inner reflections, and narrow down my work to my very best pieces.  Then I take professional images of them and send them off into cyberspace where they will be juried and judged by "often-unknown" judges.  You "offer them up" and then you wait...and wait...and wait.  And just when you've forgotten all about this episode in your life, you get "the call" (or the email) that lets you know it was all worth it!  And, if you never get the call, you've already forgotten about the whole thing anyway!  Until next time, when you once again slow down your life to start the whole process again.  This time, I'm entering "Pajama Dance".  I took the painting to a show recently and, based on strong reactions from both women AND men, I'm giving this one a shot!  Hurry up, December results! (And for those of you in the Summerville, SC area, I will display this piece during Art Central Gallery's 13th Anniversary Party on Third Thursday - Oct 20).
"Pajama Dance" (watercolor on Yupo) by Helen K. Beacham