Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Pointy Tip

I recently treated myself to some new goodies...watercolor brushes and paper, etc. Today's the first time I picked up this new $13 brush, and I had to immediately let you all know "it's a Winner!!!"

Princeton Select Pointed Filbert #8

Look at the point on that brush!  Wow!

And, now for my "Pointy Tip": When you're at the art store and are contemplating various brushes that make your heart go pitter patter, ask the store to provide you with a cup of water and some paper. They WILL give it to you, although sometimes they look at you weirdly first.    ;)

Swish the brush around to remove the sizing, and then "paint" with water onto the paper.  Does it continue to hold that point that you fell in love with?  Shake it around a bit. Still hold a point?  Then it's a keeper!  (and remember.....Mop = Flop!)
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