Saturday, July 2, 2016

To Sketch or not to Sketch (?)

I'm itching to use my new Venetian hand made (!) sketchbook, given to me by Kim Minichiello who came with me to Venice this past May.  She surprised me with it as a "thank you" for hosting her (and my other WAM friends) in Venice.

My dilemma!??  Do I use it for all kinds of everyday sketches...or do I SAVE it for Venice drawings? I'm so torn! (What should I do? I won't be back in Venice till spring of I / can I wait that long?)

The Lion is the symbol of St. Mark who is the patron saint of Venice.
The sketchbook measures 7"h x 5"w and is bound with the softest Venetian leather.

The paper is handmade and each page seems to have a texture of its own.  As Kim cautioned me "you won't know what you get (as a result) until you give it a try".  That's going to be the fun of it!

As you can see, the sheets of paper are bound into the book with this string!
Believe it or not, there are 64 single sided sheets to sketch on!
Thank you, Kim, for my special treat!

It's time to think about Venice in 2017.  Come with me!
I have a week set aside for NON-PAINTERS too! 
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And please leave a Comment...should I wait till Venice to sketch in it?