Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gut feeling substantiated

Now and then, I create a painting that I think is special.  Sometimes more special than my other special ones!

I've not shown this painting a lot since it was created (because I was hoarding it?), but when I do display it, I get the same reaction from others that I myself get when I look at it.  A sense of wanting to slow down.  To delve into the misty colors and stay with them a while.

This week, "Sweet Balm" won an "OF INTEREST" award through the Charleston Artist Guild's SIGNATURE MEMBER SHOW.  The judge was John Hull who has taught at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL, Yale University in New Haven, CT, the University of Colorado at Denver. He is currently Professor of Painting and Department Chair of Studio Art at the College of Charleston.

Not a great photo so I'm showing just the image below.

"Sweet Balm" (watercolor and ink) by Helen K. Beacham This is a scene from Charlestowne Landing.

Congratulations to all my fellow winners.  I walked the show and took pics of some of the other paintings or photographs that caught my own eye.  Below is a photography entry that stood out for me.  I loved the introduction of the red on the left!  This stunning piece also took an "OF INTEREST" award at the show!

"Statuesque" (photography) by Patricia Schaefer.

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