Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Move over, Fingerless Gloves!

Almost finished with a commission in time for Christmas, and my mind can get back to blogging about art.  I read something today that I'd not heard before.  When I paint plein air in the cold, I wear fingerless gloves.  But Aldro T. Hibbard had a MUCH MUCH MUCH better idea that I plan to try out first chance I get! Bob Bahr writes about how Marc Dalessio does it HERE.  

In a nutshell, take a sock, poke a hole through it, stick your brush through it, and hold the brush "normally" with your hand inside the sock.  Brilliant!  You get much more control over your strokes than with gloves! Marc Dalessio says he even sewed a pocket into the sock, so that he could insert a hand warmer into it. Brilliant again!!

Photo collection of Rockport Art Association
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