Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tippette #6 - Painting Glass (by Carrie Waller)

Tippette = Snippet of a Tip (in watercolor).  One per day during April, right here!

You're about to be in for a treat!  Today's tippette is brought to you by none other than Carrie Waller, who recently interviewed me on her own may read it HERE

Painting Glass (by Carrie Waller)

When paintin
g glass it is important to not think about what you are painting.  Instead, just think about painting the shapes and colors.  If you focus in, and really look at all the abstract shapes that make up the painting, you will have a much more successful end result.  If you’re having trouble doing this, you can create a view finder out of paper or mat board by cutting a small square into the center. Lay this over your reference photo or the area you are painting.  This helps you to see all the shapes and colors.   

I always start on one side of the paper and complete a section at a time, much like putting a puzzle together.  I establish my darkest values and lightest areas at the same time.  By doing this I am able to see if my painting is successful right from the beginning.  I have also recently begun using my Ipad, loaded with my reference photo, to paint from.  The Ipad enables you to zoom in on smaller areas and really see all the details, similar to the viewfinder method, but it’s also magnified with the Ipad.  It has really changed the way I paint.  

Step-by-step progression for "Spin the Bottle" by Carrie Waller Fine Art.
For this painting titled “Spin the Bottle”, I used  a palette of Daniel Smith watercolors: Quinapthalone yellow, for the lightest areas mixed with a little Sap Green, Green Gold was used for the body of the bottle. Undersea Green is layered on the body of the bottle to create the shapes and reflections in the glass and a combination of Indigo and Sepia were used in the darkest areas. Painted on Arches 260 lb cold press paper.

(Today's words of wisdom and image by Carrie Waller.  My thanks to her!)

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