Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Before the Storm"

Last night, at WATERFRONT ART GALLERY's farewell party, I met the nicest couple (ok, I met LOTS of nice couples but for now, I'm referring to THIS special couple...).  They said they walked around the whole gallery, and the only painting that they BOTH liked, was my "Before the Storm".  I told them that this scene represents what the ocean looked like, right before Hurricane Bruce (I think I have that name right!?) made its way along the eastern shoreline in August 2009.  We rarely see the waves so boisterous and playful at the Isle of Palms.  I have great respect for the ocean and whenever I need to calm down my day, I close my eyes and listen to the sounds of the water hitting the shore.  I'm glad this painting is in a good home where it will be loved!